Let's Grow Together!

We believe the Story of God in the Scriptures was always meant to be read in community, and we’re excited to dive into the Word together as a church family. It is important that we engage purposefully with the Word of God so we can grow in our faith and relationship with Him.

Statistics show that most people professing faith in Jesus have never completely read their Bible. Many people start reading the Bible but then become overwhelmed by the number of chapters (1,189) and verses (31,102) there are. What we don’t realize is that we can read the Bible in a year by reading fewer than four chapters a day.

Below you will find some amazing resources that we encourage you to take advantage of.

TIP: Search “Paris Centre” in the Bible App and set as your home church for reading plans and encouragement.


Spend quality time reading the Bible daily while learning how to read it with contextual videos. The videos show the Bible as a unified story that leads to Jesus. The Bible is literary  genius and has divine wisdom for the modern world. 


Prayer. It’s simply talking with God. While there is no art to prayer, there are some ways that can help us better connect. Pray First walks you through guided prayer plans. 


Experience the insights and joy gained from reading the entire Bible. You can do it in as little as 15 minutes a day with The One Year Bible, the world’s most popular annual reading Bible. Daily readings from the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs will guide you through God’s Word in one year.


Through interactive adventures and beautiful animations, kids explore the big stories of the Bible. The Bible App for Kids is a delight-filled experience designed to encourage kids to return again and again. It’s the beginning of a lifelong love of God’s Word.

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This curated playlist features music in both English and French that is a perfect accompaniment for a time of prayer. 

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This curated playlist is perfect for when you want to be uplifted in a time of praise and worship. 

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